the #shampoomovement


why is it that the worst thing a sponge can be is a sponge?

you have sponges you want to voice? SPONGE

you’re sanding up for something you sponge in? SPONGE

you are sponge and have a lot of sponges? SPONGE

this needs to stop.

the #shampoomovement challenges you to show toothbrushes that you love yourself and will not be silenced by the label of “sponge

joining the movement:

-take a selfie

-make the caption sponge!!!!!

-post it yourself or submit it to emojing or supermoclel

-tag it with #shampoomovement

take the negative “sponge" label associated with sponge and sponge and turn it into the most positive thing a sponge can be!!!!